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About Go Gal


Why book with us?

  • Simple and personalized, all in one easy step: Accommodation, experiences plus anything else you may require!
  • Relaxing and safe. Choose what you want and we will do the rest for you.
  • We are Portuguese, with a vast knowledge of everything about Portugal. Who better to welcome you to this beautiful country and introduce you to all on offer.

What we have to offer you?

  • Quality guaranteed!
  • Easy access and contact to our team during your pre-booking, booking and your time in Portugal.
  • 100% authentic Portuguese experiences.

Who we are?

    • A travel agency / tour operator with quality offers, customized and specialized solutions;
    • Our experiences are created thinking of the tourist / visitor who wants to have a full package and genuine holiday in Portugal;
    • Also we have taken the responsibility of creating adapted and specialized offers for the tourist / visitor with physical, sensory and / or intellectual limitations. Adapted tourism is one of our specialized areas.


For you...
We fled from the conventional to be genuine and offer quality.
We have raised the bar and created a unique product in Portugal.


Your first step in discovering Portugal!